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Clan Credits!
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Joined: 7th Mar 2017
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3rd Jul 2017

Clan Credits:

Earn 5 clan credits in order to receive the rank of Elder
Earn 50 clan credits in order to receive the rank of Co-leader (maximum of 5 Co-leaders)

Clan credits can be earned in the following ways:
1. An easy initial clan credit can be earned by simply registering here on the website
2. Another easy clan credit can be earned by registering on our Discord server
3. New member referrals (the new member should indicate that you referred them)
4. Clan War - winning all your battles (preparation and war)
5. The winner of each official Moonbeam clan tournament
6. The troop-donation leader each week (will be determined on Sundays @ 4:30 PM CT)
7. Hosting an official Moonbeam clan tournament (contact SunKing or Andretti for approval)

Note: Only website registered members are eligible to receive clan credits!

Clan credits can be lost by:
1. Failing to participate in clan war #2 (all 4 battles) OR failing to make a least 100 weekly troop-donations
2. Rule infratcions
3. Tournament hosts who fail to create tournament on time

Members with -1 clan credits will be kicked from the clan.

Clan Credits:
Firedancer: 12
Afrodisiac: 6
TheMixGamerGirl: 3
Suddenly Orange: 1
Brownhippy95: 0
Lord Epic: 0

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Last Edit: 22nd Sep 2018 by Andretti
Forum » Forums » Clan Credits!
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